Why did Anthony Anderson leave Law & Order before season 22?

Getting the Black-ish star back on the show was a huge get on NBC, and for good reason.

He had just come off of that aforementioned show, but the network and Dick Wolf realized how important it was to get some nostalgia on their revived version of the show.

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect to see too much more when it comes to Anderson on the series.

When he originally signed on to reprise his role, it was with a one-year deal. This was not something that there was a plan for him to do long-term,

though we’re sure producers hoped that he would change his mind and stick around. That didn’t happen. Understandably, Anthony probably wants a breather from doing full-time scripted TV work.

Do we think that there’s a chance he could come back down the road in some form? absolutely.

We wouldn’t rule anything out here, mostly because it would be silly to do so when there are so many opportunities out there on the table.

This franchise has long had people come and go, and this won’t be the last time that something like this happens.

In the place of Anderson, tonight you are going to see Supergirl alum Mehcad Brooks make his own debut on the series.

He’ll be a detective we get a chance to know, and it’ll be interesting to learn just how he meshes with the rest of the team

Odds are, this is not going to be a particularly easy process for some who got used to Bernard.