Elisabeth Elie Scott: Everything We Know About Survivors

Eliswho hail from Cuba, for courageously pursuing their dreams of their children, family, and community.abeth "Elie" Scott of Atlanta, Georgia, was born on April 17, 1991, and deeply respects her maternal grandparents

During her reality TV stint, Elie admired Cristi for her love and support, and her performance.

Elisabeth "Elie" Scott is a clinical psychologist by profession who enjoys working in the psychological field since she was in high school.

However, Elie persevered and continued to pursue her interests. She earned a 3.89 GPA at Georgia Southern University during her master's and doctoral degrees.

While describing what her job entails, the reality TV star said she believed her psychological knowledge would give her an advantage.

“My job is quite complex. I work with veterans who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You never know what you'll get in any session,” she told Parade.

Elisabeth "Elie" Scott is married to Michael Pierce, an armed services veteran, who they cherished the time that they spent together after Michael left.

The two got engaged in October 2017, when Michael proposed to Elie after reaching the top of Lone Peak, a mountain peak near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The diamonds in the ring her mother once wore were brought to the United States by Elie's Abuela (grandmother).