Aidan Hutchinson dedicates video to 5-year-old boy with leukemia

It’s been just two games, but Aidan Hutchinson is already making an impact for the Detroit Lions.

The hometown hero was drafted second overall by the team in the most recent draft.

 The expectations for Hutchinson is to make an immediate splash for the team in his first year. Well, he did just that in Week 2 for the Lions.

Against the Washington Commanders in Week 2, Aidan Hutchinson showed Lions fans why he was such a highly-touted prospect.

The budding edge rusher accrued a rookie franchise-record three sacks in that game.

His inspired performance was thanks to a five-year old leukemia patient that reached out to Hutchinson before the game. 

“This game is dedicated to Hudson, who is a kid who just got diagnosed with leukemia,” Aidan Hutchinson said after the game.

“He’s a big Lions fan, he’s from my area. I sent him a video before the game.

He was cheering me on. I’m just happy to have good games to spread causes to kids like that.

Just raise a lot of awareness for things like that.” The Lions are already on track to surpass their measly win total from last season.

Astute fans noted that Detroit’s awful record in 2021 was misleading, as they were competitive for most of the games they lost.

Now, with some more talent like Hutchinson on their roster, the team is looking to make a splash in 2022.