Aadhaar online card name, address, date of birth renewal on and aadhar update all prossece

Aadhaar online card name, address, date of birth renewal on and aadhar update all prossece

Aadhaar online card name, address, date of birth renewal on and aadhar update all prossece

Aadhaar Online Card Name, Address, Data of Birth Renewal On and Aadhaar All Process

Aadhaar online card name, address, date of birth renewal

Aadhaar online card name, address, date of birth renewal

Everyone has their own Aadhaar card, but if it is possible that some part of the trick is incorrect or needs to be changed, you do not currently need to visit the help center, you can review online at home.

Aadhaar online card name, address, date of birth renewal

તમારા નામે કેટલા સિમ કાર્ડ ચાલુ છે તેની માહિતી મેળવવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Friends, many people need to change their location if their name or address is misspelled or if they have to move from one place to another, if some sisters need to change their more important names after their father’s name. Is forced after marriage. In all cases, you will now be able to update yourself online from home.

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1) First of all go to Chrome app for your administration and search by name supup.uidai.gov.in.

2) After that you will see Continuous to Update Alternative Aadhaar, click on it.

3) Now enter your 12 digit number in it and name the personality code given below.

4) OTP will be sent from the mobile number associated with your Aadhar card.

(Friends, remember that you must have a flexible number connection with your Aadhaar or OTP card will not come.)

Change name your aadhar card CLICK HERE

5) After that you will see the option of Update Demographics Data, click on it.

6) After that you will be asked which hidden things you should change when you need to change the hidden things and then click continue and choose below.

(After this, another case will open where after tapping on the check box click on Continue)

7) Then write the relevant data as to what you need to do to improve.

8) Then transfer the correct collection of information required to report to the main transfer report below.


(You will be shown the possibility of this. Transfer the correct data collection of data that you need to modify as stated in the selection.)

9) Then click on the preview option given below.

10) Now type CAPTCHA code on the opening page again on the opening page, click on Send OTP and type OTP on Base, click on the check box and click on Make Payments button on Aadhaar.

11) Now click on another option to make payment. (Visa / Debit Card or Net Banking)

(Friends, you have to pay 50 rupees for the Aadhaar card.)

12) Then make an installment and download the receipt.

Just be friends, your ideas will be new in three to four days.

If you need to check the status, open the site ssup.uidai.gov.in and click on Check Status Update.

At that time you can check the status by entering the house number, URN number and personal test.

☑️ Important Links

Step 1. Go to the Aadhaar self-service update portal


Step 2. If you have a valid location confirmation, click on the “Update Address” option “Request a Verification Address”

Step 3. In a new window (web / visitor / update), enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number

Step 4. Enter the criterion code and download to send the OTP or enter TOTP

Step 5. The OTP will be sent with a variable number embedded in the UIDAI database.

Step 6. Install OTP to login to your Aadhaar account

Step 7. Alternatively, you can use TOTP highlighting to confirm

Step 8. Tick the alternate address and click on the navigation key

Step 9. Enter your personal address specified in the proof of address (POA) and click on the “Submit Renewal Request” button.

Step 10. If you need to adjust your location, click on the “Change” option.

Section 11. Meanwhile, note the statement and click the “Continue” button.

Step 12. To verify and forward the filtered duplicate location verification, select the type of collection to submit to you as a POA and then click the “Submit” button

Step 13. Click the “Yes” button and select the BPO technical organization that will verify your move and send

Step 14. The BPO Cooperative Expert believes that the fraud shown on the site complies with the POA and submits your request to UIDAI. Your renewal request is accepted and you are given a consent slip

The notification receipt includes a renewal request number (URN). Once you are refreshed, you can download the refreshed form and print your Aadhaar card.

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